General Information

General Information

We reserve the right to accept or reject any order being placed with or Prestige Glassware for any reason disclosed or not disclosed.

E-PROOF: An e-proof is an e-mail sent to you to show an approximate representation of what the product will look like. The e-proof is digitally created and intended to be an approximate representation of the finished product. Imprint color and the color of the item being printed may vary. Placement and size of the imprint on the e-proof are approximate and intended to help Demonstrate the overall look of the finished piece and is not intended to be an exact representation of the finished product. Any changes or revisions to your original instructions after the initial e-proof will incur a $20.00 reproofing charge. If changes are required to the e-proof production times will be set back from the original scheduled production time.

When proofing out full-color decals we cannot guarantee an exact match of colors or an exact match from proof to product

ARTWORK: Your artwork should be sent electronically whenever possible. The format should be vectored and in an EPS file. If you’re not sure your artwork is in the format that we need “no worries”, we can convert it for you for $30.00, we will send you a copy when completed. Please send your order and artwork to Registration of imprint colors is 1/16”, artwork traps should be built into the artwork to help register colors. Artwork submitted to Prestige Glassware for printing or to be printed on drinkware and any other item Prestige Glassware offers will be sized to fit the imprint area.  When sizing the customer provided art the height maximum is reached before the width maximum is reached the art will not be enlarged to meet the width.  When sizing the customer provided art the width maximum being reached before the height maximum is reached the art will not be enlarged to meet the height.  Imprint area is a guide only and does not imply that the actual imprint will be the size of the imprint area.  Please see and understand your e-proof before production, when you reply to the art department “Approved” you are giving the authorization to proceed with the production of the order and that you have read and understood all aspects and details of the e-proof.  Ounce Lines- Prestige Glassware will get as close as possible to a requested pour line, however, due to the variance and nature of glass, pour lines may vary and have slight movement. We cannot put an organic decal on any matte-finish mug.

This statement and policy supersede any statement and policies of any purchase order or customer policy on any email or purchase order. When submitting artwork for any and all purchase orders the customer is giving Prestige Glassware Company permission to use their artwork to print or reproduce on our products without any binding or contractual obligation other than what is written on the Prestige Glassware Invoice and under the policies written in the General Information Section of the Prestige Glassware website.  If Prestige Glassware Company chooses to show our craft or work using artwork provided by customers to advertise our work or products it is up to the discretion of Prestige Glassware Company. Pictures and images in our advertising have no other purpose than an illustration of our ability to decorate our products.  When customers or other companies issue Prestige Glassware Company a purchase order or an order issued in any other way said customer is giving Prestige Glassware permission to do such previous statements and agrees to abide by the policies herein.

COPYRIGHT 2012 No Images in this website can be used by any entity other than those of the corporate umbrella of Prestige Glassware

WASHING AND CARE: It is recommended that our products be hand washed to get the most long-lasting, long-term usage. Our products are dishwasher durable when using mild detergents.  Detergent boosters will cause severe damage to the product. Dishwashing detergents may contain detergent boosters.  It is imperative the customer or user of the product read and follow instructions on the detergent manufacturers product.  Look for any warnings that pertain to damage that may be caused from using detergent products.

CREDIT CARDS: We accept Visa and Master card. We do not charge your credit card until the day the order ships. If you need a price quote on the merchandise you are purchasing with shipping cost included please contact customer service. Quotes for shipping are approximate and like to change because of constant changes in fuel cost.

Payments made by Credit Card will incur a 2.5% Service Fee unless requested by Prestige Glassware. A 4% Service Fee will be charged if paid with Credit Card after the due date.

CREDIT TERMS: Credit terms on an account can be given with a completed credit application. Credit Terms are at the discretion of Prestige Glassware. If paying for a past due invoice with a credit card a 4% penalty will be added to the total of the invoice.

IMPRINT COLORS: A wide variety of imprint colors is available, we have listed a few here as a guide. When ordering your imprinted ware please indicate what color of imprint to use. If you have a specific color using the Pantone number matching system please let us know the Number. With ceramic and glass ink colors, matching and the exact color is not guaranteed but we will come as close as possible. Because of the nature of ceramic enamels, we cannot guarantee exact matches from pre-production samples to the production run or between orders. Colors of ink can vary between orders because of the mixing process exact match will not be guaranteed. Other factors that contribute to ink color variations are the surface of the item being printed, texture, and color of the surface.

If you are choosing to use a purple ink there is an additional charge of $0.26 per piece per side. This includes the purple inks off of our standard imprint color list


Below is a list of our available standard imprint colors for our glassware, acrylic, and ceramic:

Standard Color Template Colored (1)

These standard colors don’t apply to some promotional items, there could be a PMS matching fee.

Please ask your customer service rep about standard colors.


PRECIOUS METALS:  22k Gold Ink, Platinum Ink, Copper Ink 

We are able to imprint precious metal inks on glass and ceramic products. Precious Metal Ink decorations are an additional charge of $1.39 each and per location

Any drinkware decorated with gold should be hand washed not be put in a dishwasher.

22K Gold Rim or Halo – $1.39 per piece per location


MISCELLANEOUSCeramic, glass, stainless steel, and plastic items sold by Prestige Glassware are of good quality and such slight variances in color, size, weight, ounce capacity is considered normal and not flaws. Slight variations in glassware are considered normal such as waviness, small bubbles, variations in wall thickness, and the thickness of the rim of the glass.  These are not considered flaws and do not qualify as such. Rustic Ceramic line is a handcrafted reactive glazed line- Each mug is unique and varies from mug to mug. Variance in glaze, streaks, spotting, etc. are considered normal and not flaws due to the nature of the reactive glaze. It is the responsibility of the customer or end-user of the products they purchase to fully examine the functionality of the product/s purchased from our company.  This can be done by first ordering a sample and seeing the product, feeling the product, and deciding it will work and be functional for the use intended.

There is a chance your design may print over top of a seam in the glassware, we try to avoid this but sometimes it is unavoidable. This is not considered a flaw.

OUNCE LINESPrestige Glassware will get as close as possible to a requested pour line, however, due to the variance and nature of glass, pour lines may vary and have slight movement up to 0.75 of an ounce.

PRICING: Pricing is subject to change without notice. All prices are for each piece. Prices on both the website and catalog do not include shipping. If cancellation of an order is necessary but artwork cost, screen cost, or any part of the order has been printed then the finished product or service will be invoiced and payment for the invoice within terms. The set-up charge is $40.00 per imprint color. The color change is the changing of an imprint color for the same art on the same item during a production run priced at $16.00. There is a copy change fee of $20.00. Set-up charges are waived if a reorder occurs within one year and the order is for the same item & same imprint color. Because of the volatility of the world market and exchange rate of money price can vary from this printed catalog and without notice. Provided quotes valid for 30 days. There will be an additional charge of $0.50 for excessive ink use. An imprint area that exceeds a 3″ x 3″, 2 sided area is considered as an excessive ink use. If the customer needs to cancel the order any time after the purchase order has been issued or needs to change from the original item to a new item, the customer is responsible for a 40% restocking fee.

We ask that all orders pay at shipment. If you need to put your order on hold, you must pay a 40% deposit. 

EXACT QUANTITY: If the exact quantity is needed on an order, there is a $20 net charge. Normal production quantities on screen printed products are 5% over-under. Normal production on decaled products will realize a 5-10% overage.

PRODUCTION TIME: The production time of 5 to 7 days is considered normal for one color imprints when the artwork is camera-ready. If artwork needs to be created or cleaned up or extra color. Imprinting is required extra production time will occur.

INVENTORY: Every effort to keep a blank inventory in our warehouse is made. We want to be able to provide fast service for you so that you don’t have to wait for your order. Rarely an item is out of inventory but is replaced within a few days. Inventory is on a first come first serve basis. All glassware is made in the U.S.A. Ceramic and Acrylic items are imported.

WARNING & WARRANT: Glassware, ceramic, stainless steel, and plastic products can break, crack, leak. Please make sure these products are in good working condition before use. Prestige Glassware cannot be held responsible for harm or damages from the use of its products. All products should be washed before use.

Our products offer no warrantee to hold temperature hot or cold, maintain carbonation levels for any amount of time.

Customer-provided ware can be imprinted if the customer cannot find a product in our product line to choose from.  Because the customer is providing ware that we may not have in our product line we cannot guarantee the outcome of the order because we would not be able to test the validity of the ware to accept the image that is to be decorated.


DAMAGE CLAIMS: Our shipping department and quality team make extra inspections to make sure packaging, packing, and proper filling your order. Some instances may happen where a package/s is/are lost or damaged in shipping. When your shipment arrives, it is your responsibility to follow these steps. Do not let the truck driver leave or sign the delivery receipt, you must sign it, and before the driver leaves:

  •  Count the packages delivered and verify with the packing slip that is attached to one of the boxes.
  •  Inspect the entire shipment for any signs of damage prior to signing the shipment and note any damage on the delivery ticket/bill of lading before the truck driver leaves.
  • For packages left at your doorstep, inspect the exterior of the carton(s) and note any large dents or tears on your packing slip or invoice.
  •  If the driver must leave before your shipment has been inspected, note on the delivery receipt (near your signature) that the driver would not allow for inspection and had to leave.
  •  Your signature on the delivery receipt is an acknowledgment that the shipment was received in good condition, inspected and without damage or shortage.
  •  Unpack your order immediately and inspect for hidden or concealed damage, even if you don’t plan on using the items right away.

If damage is discovered, save all shipping cartons and packing materials. Any shortages or damaged deliveries must be reported to customer service within 24 hours of receipt of shipment by calling customer service. Our company cannot be held responsible for damaged merchandise that is signed for as received complete and no damages. These guidelines must be followed without exception failure to do so will decrease or cancel your ability to return merchandise or file a claim for damages. If packing materials are not saved, your claims will not be honored.

Any claims of order quality and quantity issues must be made within 7 days of the ship date.


Candle Information

Standard Scent List

Prestige Merchandising container fill candles are hand-poured. Our container fill waxes are a blend of Premium Soy, Coconut, Beeswax and Petroleum.  Our waxes are formulated for excellent fragrance release and long-lasting burns,  There are over 100 scents available and many colors of wax to choose from.  Be aware that wax colors are mixed by hand and that exact matches of wax color within an order or between orders cannot be done and we offer no guarantee on wax colors, we will get as close as possible.  Due to the nature of waxes, perfect adhesion to the container holding glass or ceramic container is not guaranteed. Warning and warrant hereby issued about burning candles.  Burning candles should never be left unattended and it is recommended that a flame be extinguished when leaving the area the candle is burning in.  NEVER LEAVE A CANDLE BURN UNATTENDED!  Prestige Merchandising Company cannot be held responsible for any damages or injuries that occur by using our candle products.  The user claims sole responsibility for the use of candle products.

Safety Notes For Retailers & Consumers
Filled growlers can shatter or explode if allowed to warm or freeze, especially if they are overfilled. The internal pressure of a filled growler warmed to room temperature (68F) or in a hot car (90F) may be as high as 2.0 atm (29 psi) or 3.7 atm (52 PSIG) respectively. (Example assumes a growler filled to 99% of capacity with beer at 38F containing 2.5 volumes CO2, and then sealed). Brewers Association recommends: only use growler containers specifically designed for packaged carbonated beer, and ask the container supplier to verify that the pressure rating is equal to or greater than the pressure from the carbonation in the beer being filled. Many containers currently in use are not designed for carbonated beverages. If filling by counter-pressure, know the pressure rating of the system used and ensure the system includes shielding between the growler being filled and people nearby in case of failure
do not overfill a growler. Always leave 5% headspace or fill to the manufacturers recommended fill line if one is shown.
For growlers with threaded screw-on closures, consider using plastic rather than metal closures; plastic closures may vent more readily if over pressurization occurs; if using metal closures you may wish to discuss this issue with your supplier.
Keep filled growlers cold and dark, and never allow a filled growler to warm or to freeze, due to potentially hazardous shattering.
Visually inspect every growler before filling. Do not fill a glass or ceramic growlers with cracks or chips, those which have been engraved, or older growlers with pitted or unsmooth glass surfaces, as the pressure strength of these growlers will be significantly reduced.
When growlers are not in use, clean with hot water, store in a dry place, store in a temper-controlled room with a cap off.

For more information on growlers, click here: 

PROPOSITION 65: The state of California enforces its law concerning the” Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986” nicknamed “Proposition 65” This legislation applies only to the State of California. It does not ban products, it only requires compliance with the law or the use of individual product warning labels. Items sold in this catalog that will be sold and/or distributed in California require the use of Prop 65 –label on the product. The sole responsibility of the buyer to inform Prestige Glassware Co. or it’s affiliated when Prop 65 labeling is required for orders shipping to California or will be distributed in California. This announcement in this catalog and website is used as the primary tool for sales for Prestige Glassware Co. is the official notification concerning Prop 65 labeling. Buyer and customer hold harmless Prestige Glassware Company and it’s affiliates of all liability for any alleged Proposition 65 violations.

THIS CATALOG: The contents of this catalog and website such as and not limited to pictures, graphics, pricing, spelling, and logistics can be changed without notice. Ounces, weights, imprint sizes will vary within an order and between orders. Capacities are given by our suppliers, if you need to verify capacities please order a sample to see if it will meet your needs. Typographical errors will occur. Because of the volatility of the world market and exchange rate of money price can vary from this printed catalog and without notice.

SHIPPING INFORMATION: C. O. D. shipments not available. Prices on both the website and catalog do not include shipping. Drop shipments are permitted at $5.00 per location after the first. Protective shipping cartons for U.P.S. shipments are required and will be billed accordingly at $8.00 per carton. Responsibility for damages passes to the shipping carrier once the product leaves the factory. Charges for 3rd Party Freight or shipping on account numbers other than Prestige Glassware may be done and incur $5.00 per order. Freight estimates can be given prior to the order being placed but is an estimate only. Fuel costs fluctuate daily causing freight estimates to Change. Freight weight can vary depending on how much packaging is used for each carton. Larger shipments will be processed to ship via truck company via LTL. Shipments using an LTL truck will require the use of a pallet and shrink wrap at $10.00 per pallet. Additional freight charges will apply if you want the truck driver to unload and take the merchandise to a specific location and is considered “INSIDE DELIVERY”. Shipping charges will be invoiced and expected to remit in full. Additional charges can also apply for residential and / or redelivery charges if no one could sign for the delivery after the first attempt was made. Additional Service Fees: Residential Delivery: $50.00,   Limited Access: $50.00,    Lift Gate: $75.00,  Inside Delivery: $90.00,   Call Prior to Delivery: $50.00.

Due to the recent increase of online orders our shipping carriers, UPS, USPS, FedEx, LTL Trucking, etc. are becoming overloaded, this may extend transit times.

CUSTOMER PICK UP: If you want to pick up your order at our production facility you can, This must be mentioned on your purchase order. Orders must be picked up within 30 days. After 30 days a $25.00 storage fee will go into effect and will be invoiced.

PRICE MATCHING: In the unlikely event you find a price that might be lower than ours- call us, e-mail us, send us a telegram…. Whatever method you use to communicate, talk with us. Chances are we can meet or beat whatever price you have received. Don’t give up quality and personal attention to your order that we give our customers. Every order big or small receives high quality and attention!!

STORAGE FEES: If we are holding your order for pick up or shipping info, orders must be picked up or shipped within 30 days. After 30 days a $25.00 storage fee will go into effect and will be invoiced.

Finally- thank you to our customers who have trusted us with their orders in the past and who have come back over and over again. THANK YOU for giving us the chance to earn your business