1859Prestige Glassware Company has had a long history of decorating drink ware products with corporate logos and custom designs for our customers. Our decorating capabilities are second to no one. We are able to print on glassware, ceramic, acrylic and stainless steel. Our garment department can print t-shirts, sweat shirts and hoodies! If you have an item that needs to be printed and it is not in our line of products, just e-mail us a picture of it and we will give you a quote on printing that product. Our art department is able to take your logo or custom art and recreate it, add to it and if needed convert it into the proper formats needed to print your order.

Our research and development department can locate products you are looking for, just send us a picture or a description of the product and we will try to find it for you! Our shipping department uses U.P.S. and FedEx¬† for shipping smaller orders. If you’re needing to order a larger quantity we ship by truck in order to save you money! Prices on the website and in our catalog do not include shipping. Our customers needs and budget is always first and foremost when you order through Prestige Glassware!